Telephone Banking

What is tele-banking?

  • This service offers general banking services to include checking of various account information, transfer of funds, reporting of the loss, and general inquiries at the convenience of a phone call, without making a visit to a local branch.
    • The nationwide number is 1566-2566, 1588-2588 and 82-31-888-8000 for calls from overseas
    • There is no additional cost for ARS calls nationwide other than the KRW39 per minute, the local call rate

Steps to sign-up

  • 1566-2566 and 1588-2588 for nationwide calls
  • 82-31-888-8000 for calls from overseas
  • Individual customers (including personal business owners)
    • Sign up for internet banking at a local IBK branch.
    • Request for issuance of secret card.
  • Corporate customers (including groups and entities)
    • Sign up at a local IBK branch with certificate of business registration, certificate of real name confirmation, corporate seal
      or bank seal
    • A delegate must bring a power of attorney and certificate of corporate seal

Steps to use money transfet services

Steps to register tele-banking password

Hours of operation

  • For balance checking, money transfer and to report a loss: 24/7, all year around
  • For other services : 07:00 ~ 23:00
  • During Korea Financial Telecommunications & Clearing Institute’s settlement hours (23:00~24:00), money transfers to other banks are limited. For money transfers to banks that do not operate 24 hours, confirmation of original documentation can be processed through inserting 2nd dimensional barcodes and confirmation number for transfer decline by the banks operational hours.
  • During the system maintenance hours (00:00~00:30), all services are stopped and some service hours may be subject to change due to service conditions.