Smart Banking

i-ONE Bank

The mobile application, downloadable from smartphone maker
or telecom service providers’ app-store, offers general banking services
to include account balance checking, money transfers, credit card,
funds, foreign exchanges.

  • ELIGIBILITY Individuals and private corporations
  • SERVICE TYPESAccount balance checking, money transfers, card, funds, foreign exchanges, loans, Giro money transfers, checks checking
  • TO USESign up for internet banking → Register for i-ONE Bank through a local branch or a smartphone
  • TRANSFER FEESFree for transfers from/to IBK and other banks (for transfers to other banks, fee waiver is valid until the end of 2015)
Supporting handsets and telecom service providers
  • Below handsets support our service. Use of IBK mobile application is limited from other handsets than below supporting handsets.
  • For Androids (Samsung Galaxy, LG Optimus series), please download the application from the safe Financial App-Store.
    1. 1) Download from Financial App-Store
      Different approaches to downloading Financial App-Store
      1. ① Search Financial App-Store from portal sites (Naver, Daum) and download
      2. ② Search for Financial App-Store or on smartphone internet browser
      3. ③ Download by scanning the QR code on the right-hand side
      4. ④ Search for Financial App-Store from T-Store for SKT, Olleh Market for KT,
        U+ Store for LGU+ users respectively and download
    2. 2) Select IBK from Financial App-Store
    3. 3) Download i-ONE Bank application for handsets

If you are attempting ‘Jailbreak’ or ‘Rooting’ for additional functions on your smartphone, we may limit mobile application services due to weakened mobile security.Please use the proto-type handsets.

Supporting Handsets

Supporting Handsets
Telecom Maker Model OS Version Application
KT Apple iPhone, iPod Touch iPhone 3G, 3GS iOS 3.1/4/4.1/5 App Store
iPhone 4 iPhone 4G iOS4/5
iPad iPad
iPad2 iPad2
iPhone 4s iPhone 4s iOS4/5
New iPad New iPad iOS 5.1
Google Nexus One NEXUS ONE Android OS 2.0 ideal ollehMarket
Play Store
(Old : AndroidMarket)
Nexus S SHW-M200K
Izar IM-A630K
Vega X IM-A710K Android OS 2.2
Mirach A IM-A750K Android OS 2.3
Vega Racer IM-A770K
Vega No.5 IM-T100K
Vega LTE M IM-A810K
Vega Racer 2 IM-A830K Android OS 4.0
Vega R3 IM-A850K
Vega No.6 IM-A860K Android OS 4.1
Vega IRON IM-A870K Android OS 4.1.2
Samsung GalaxyK SHW-M130K Android OS 2.0ideal
Galaxy Tab 3G SHW-M180K Android OS 2.2
GalaxyS2 SHW-M250K Android OS 2.3
Galaxy GIO SHW-M290K
Galaxy Tab Wifi SHW-M180W
Galaxy S2 HD LTE SHV-E120K
Galaxy Note SHV-E160K
Galaxy M Style SHW-M340K
Galaxy Nexus SHW-M420K Android OS 4.0
Galaxy S3 SHW-M440K
Galaxy R Style SHV-E170K
Galaxy S3 LTE SHV-E210K
Galaxy Note2 SHV-E250K Android OS 4.1
Galaxy Grand SHV-E270K
Galaxy S4 SHW-E300K Android OS 4.2
Galaxy S4 LTE-A SHV-E330K
Galaxy Mega SHW-E310K
KT Take 1 EV-S100 Android OS 2.0ideal
Take 2 KM-S120
Take HD KM-S300 Android OS 2.3
Take JANUS KM-S200 Android OS 2.3
TACHY KM-S220 Android OS 2.3.4
TAKE LTE KM-E100 Android OS 4.0
Take FIT KM-S330
DELL Streak DL-T01 Android OS 2.0ideal
Venue DL-S01
HTC Legend A6363
Desire HD A9191
EVO 4G+ HTC_X515E Android OS 2.3
Sensation XL HTC-X315E
Incerdible S HTC_S710E
HTC Flyer 4G HTC_P515E
LG OptimusZ LG-KU9500 Android OS 2.0ideal
Optimus One LG-KU3700
Andro-1 LG-KH5200
Optimus Black LG-KU5900 Android OS 2.2
Optimus EX LG-KU8800 Android OS 2.3.4
Optimus LTE Tag LG-F120K Android OS 2.0ideal
Prada 3.0 LG-KU540
Optimus LTE2 LG-F160S Android OS 4.0
OptimusG LG-F180S Android OS 4.0
Optimus View2 LG-F200S Android OS 4.0
Optimus LTE3 LG-F260S Android OS 4.1
Optimus G Pro LG-F240S
Motorola Atrix MB861 Android OS 2.2
Motorola Laser XT910K Android OS 2.3
DOUBLE V XT626 Android OS 2.3
Samsung Omnia Pop SPH-M7200 Windows Mobile 6.1 ideal
ShowOmnia2 SPH-M8200
LG Layla Phone LG KU2100
Layla Phone LG KU2100
Inside Phone LG KU2000
SKT Apple iPhone 4 iPhone 4G iOS4/5 App Store
iPad2 iPad 2
iPhone4s iPhone 4s
New iPad New iPad iOS 5.1
Google Nexus S SHW-M200S Android OS 2.3 Play Store
(Old : AndroidMarket)
SK Telesys Reaction SK-S100 Android OS 2.2
WYNN SK-S150 Android OS 2.3
Samsung GalaxyS Hoppin SHW-M190S Android OS 2.2
GalaxyS2 SHW-M250S Android OS 2.3
Galaxy Gio SHW-M290S Android OS 2.2
Galaxy Tab 3G SHW-M180S
Galaxy A SHW-M100S Android OS 2.2
Galaxy S SHW-M110S
GalaxyACE SHW-M240S
Galaxy S2 LTE SHV-E110S Android OS 2.2
Galaxy S2 HD LTE SHV-E120S
Galaxy Note SHV-E160S
GalaxyMStyle SHW-M340S Android OS 2.3
Galaxy Nexus SHW-M420S Android OS 4.0
Galaxy S3 SHW-M440S
Galaxy R Style SHV-E170S
Galaxy S3 LTE SHV-E210S
GalaxyNote2 SHV-E250S Android OS 4.1
Galaxy Grand SHV-E270S
Galaxy Pop SHV-E220S Android OS 4.2
Galaxy S4 SHV-E300S Android OS 4.1
Galaxy S4 LTE-A SHV-E330S Android OS 4.2
Galaxy Mega SHV-E310S
Motorola Moto Mix MB501 Android OS 2.1
Moto Roi XT720 Android OS 2.0ideal
Moto QRTY A853
Moto Glam XT800W
Atrix MB860 Android OS 2.2
Motorola Laser XT910S Android OS 2.3
Xperia X10 X10i Android OS 2.1
Xperia Arc X12 Android OS 2.3
Xperia Ray ST18I
Xperia X10 Android OS 2.0ideal
Pantech Vega IM-A650S
VegaS IM-A730S
Sirius IM-A600S
MIRACHA IM-A740S Android OS 2.3
Vega Racer IM-A760S
Vega LTE IM-A800S Android OS 2.3.5
Vega LTE M IM-A810S Android OS 2.3
VegaRacer 2 IM-A830S Android OS 4.0
VegaS5 IM-A840S
Vega R3 IM-A850S
Vega No.6 IM-A860S Android OS 4.1
Vega Iron IM-A870S Android OS 4.1.2
HTC Desire DESIRE Android OS 2.0ideal
Sansation HTC Sensation Z710e Android OS 2.3
Raider 4G HTC RAIDER X710E
LG Optimus One LG-SU370 Android OS 2.2
OptimusZ LG-SU950 Android OS 2.0ideal
Optimus2X LG-SU660
Optimus2X LG-SU760 Android OS 2.3
Optimus EX LG-SU880 Android OS 2.3.4
Optimus LTE LG-SU640 Android OS 2.3
Optimus View LG-F100S
Optimus LTE Tag LG-F120S
Optimus 3D Cube LG-SU870
Prada3.0 LG-SU540
Optimus LTE2 LG-F160S Android OS 4.0
OptimusG LG-F180S Android OS 4.0
Optimus View2 LG-F200S Android OS 4.0
Optimus LTE3 LG-F260S Android OS 4.1
Optimus G Pro LG-F240S
Samsung TOmnia SCH-M490 Windows Mobile 6.1 ideal
TOmnia SCH-M495
TOmnia2 SCH-M710
TOmnia2 SCH-M715
TOmnia SCH-M830
OmniaPop SCH-M720
Xperia X1
LG Layla LG SU210
RIM BlackBerry Bold 9900 BOLD 9900 Black Berry OS 6.0 ideal
BlackBerry Bold 9780 BOLD 9780
BlackBerry Bold 9700 BOLD 9700
BlackBerry Torch 9800 TORCH 9800
LG U+ Pantech MIRACH IM-A690L Android OS 2.1 U+App Market
Play Store
(Old : AndroidMarket)
VegaX IM-720L Android OS 2.2
Vega Racer IM-A780L Android OS 2.3
VegaX Plus IM-A725L Android OS 2.2
Vega LTE EX IM-A820L Android OS 2.3
Vega Racer 2 IM-A830L Android OS 4.0
Vega R3 IM-A850L
Vega No.6 IM-A860L Android OS 4.1
Vega Iron IM-A870L Android OS 4.1.2
Samsung GalaxyS2 SHW-M250L Android OS 2.3
Galaxy Tab 3G SHW-M180L Android OS 2.2
Galaxy U SHW-M130L Android OS 2.1
Galaxy NEO SHW-M220L
Galaxy S2 HD LTE SHV-E120L Android OS 2.3
GalaxyNote SHV-E160L
GalaxyMStyle SHW-M340L
Galaxy S3 SHW-M440L  Android OS 4.0
Galaxy R Style SHV-E170L
Galaxy S3 LTE SHV-E210L
GalaxyNote2 SHV-E250L  Android OS 4.1
Galaxy Grand SHV-E270L
Galaxy S4 SHW-E300L Android OS 4.2
Galaxy S4 LTE-A SHV-E330L
Galaxy Mega SHV-E310L
LG OptimusQ LG-LU2300 Android OS 2.1
Optimus Mach LG-LU3000
Optimus Big LG-LU6800 Android OS 2.2
Optimus One LG-LU3700
Optimus Chic LG-LU3100
Optimus EX LG-LU8800 Android OS 2.3.4
Optimus LTE LG-LU6200 Android OS 2.3
OptimusQ2 LG-LU6500
Optimus View LG-F100L
Optimus LTE Tag LG-F120L
Prada 3.0 LG-LU5400
Optimus LTE2 LG-F160L Android OS 2.3
OptimusG LG-F180L
Optimus View2 LG-F200L
Optimus G Pro LG-F240L Android OS 4.1
Iriver Iriver Tab ILT-MX100 Android OS 2.2
Samsung OZOmnia SPH-M7350 Windows Mobile 6.1 ideal
LG Layla LG LU2100
Wi-Fi Samsung Samsung Galaxy 070 Player YP-GB70EW Android OS 2.3 Play Store
Samsung Galaxy 070 YP-GB1CW Android OS 2.3
Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2 YP-GI1 Android OS 2.3
Samsung Galaxy Player 70 Plus YP-GB70ED Android OS 2.3
Samsung Galaxy Player70 YP-GB70 Android OS 2.2
Samsung Galaxy Player YP-GB1
Overseas Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 Android OS 2.3 Play Store
Galaxy Note2 GT-N7100 Android OS 4.1
Galaxy S3 GT-N9300 Android OS 4.0
Galaxy S3 GT-I9305T Android OS 4.0
Galaxy S3 SC-60D Android OS 4.0
Galaxy Mega GT-I9205 Android OS 4.2