Credit Card

“Hello”Card (CHECK)

   Convenient, Useful, Fun

  • ELIGIBILITYMust be over 14 years old to qualify (applicant and family)
                                                     *(minors must present consent form by legal guardian)
  • CARD TYPECheck
  • ISSUING COMPANYBC (Domestic-use only)
  • TRANSPORTATION CARDPay later or None


Convenient IBK

Post-pay Public Transit Card Service
  • Stop charging your cards! Post-pay transit card is a convenient way to use the public transportation system nationwide.
    • Applicable Transit System: Metro, inner-city bus and inter-city bus, express way and more
    • Eligibility: Over 18 years of age and meets the IBK Industrial Bank eligibilities
      (post-pay not available for family cards)
    • Credit Limit: 100,000 KRW (Limit renewed day after payment)
    • Payment Method: automatically withdrawn 3 times/month
      (every 10th,20th,andlastdayofmonth+2businessdays)frompaymentaccount.

Public Transit Discounts
  • Discount benefits with the post-pay convenience!
    • 5% discount on public transportation (bus and metro)
    • Discount up to 30,000 KRW every month (approved payments from the 1sttolastdayofmonth)
    • Limited to post-pay transit card transactions.

Useful IBK

Free ATM·Electronic Banking Fees
  • Secured transfers without fees!
    • Waived IBK ATM/CD transaction fees
    • Waived electronic banking (telebanking, internet-banking, mobile-banking) fees
    • Fee waivers are limited to selected payment account

Foreign Currency Preferential service
  • Cheap and convenient foreign exchange!
    • 50% discount on outward transfers
    • 50% discount on inward transfers
    • 50% discount in foreign Cash exchange fees (applicable currency: USD, EUR, JPY)

Convenient Store Discount
  • Substantial daily life Discount Benefit!
    • 5% discount on selected Convenient (CU, GS25, Seven Eleven, By the Way, Ministop)
    • Limited to twice a month. Applied to transactions sequentially between 10,000 ~ 30,000 KRW.
    • Gift cards excluded

  • Convenient IBK, Useful IBK service conditions
    • Service available only if the total transaction amount of the previous month
      (from the 1sttolastdayofpreviousmonth)
    • Service is provided from the receiving date to the end of next month regardless the transaction amount.
    • Cancellations are deducted from the transaction amount.
    • For family cards, the transaction amount of primary holder and the rest are not compiled and service is provided separately depending on the transaction amount of each cards.
    • Discounted amount will be charged to cancelled transactions that received discounts.
    • Discounts are offered from all merchants registered to BC card.


Amusement Park Discounts
  • Free or discounted admission to amusement parks! (limited to once a month, twice a year)
Service Providers
Parks Discounts Discount Method
Lotte World(Seoul)
Korean Folk Village (Yongin)
50% discount on free pass
for the card holder
On-site Discounts
Seoul Land(Gwacheon)
Tongdo Fantasia (Busan)
Free admission or 50% discount
on free pass for the card holder
Gyeongju World Amusement
Park (Gyeongju)
Free admission, 50% discount
on free pass, or 30% discount
of California beach pass
Jeonju Zoo (Jeonju) Free admission for card holder
Family Land(Gwangju) 6,000 KRW discount on admission fees rebates
  • Amusement park discount conditions
    • Service available only if the total transaction amount of the previous month
      (from the 1sttolastdayofpreviousmonth)
    • Discount not available on the receiving month.
Culture & Leisure Discounts (Green Card Membership)
  • Experience the beauty of the morning calm with free or discounted admission on the national culture and leisure site!
Culture & Leisure Discounts (Green Card Membership)
National Parks Up to 50% discount on campsites and up to 10% discount on parking
Forests Free admission to all national forests
Seoul Discounts to over 60 facilities including the N Seoul Tower and Hangang River ferry cruise
Daejon Discounts to over 10 facilities including the Daejon O-world, Bokyong Horse Club
Gwangju Discounts to over 10 facilities including Uchi Park, Gwangju Folk Museum
Gyeonggi Free or discounted admission to over 40 facilities including Suwon Hwasung Museum and Gyeonggi Arts Center.
Gangwon Free or discounted admission to over 30 facilities including Mureung Valley, Ojukheon municipal museum
Gyeongsang Free or discounted admission to over 30 facilities including Odosan Recreational Forest, Namhae Mask Performance Art Village
North Jeolla Free or discounted admission to over 30 facilities including Muju Meroru Wine Cave, Baekje Gayo Jeongeupsa Trail
South Jeolla Free or discounted admission Suncheon Bay Wetland Reserve, Yulpo Seawater Green Tea Bath
Jeju Free or discounted admission Seogwipo Citrus Museum, Hallasan National Park
  • Culture & Leisure Discount conditions
    • Culture & Leisure discount services are offered regardless the previous month’s transaction amount.
    • For further information on the culture & leisure service and the green card membership, please refer to the green card website (
    • The Green Card Membership service is presented in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment, municipal governments, and the Korea Transportation Safety Authority.

  • ※ Check Card Service Limit Hours
  • System Maintenance Hours: Every Sunday 00:05~00:20
  • All banks perform system maintenance to provide stable and reliable service to its users. The maintenance hours and plan may change without notice. However, a notification will be sent either before or after the service.
  • Compliance Officer Deliberations No. 2016-1148 (2016.04.27)
    • This guide is in compliance with current regulations as of 2016.4.18. Please contact the sales offices or the IBK customer service (1566-2566) for further information.
    • Points and discounts provided at the time of issuing is available without modifications for three years.
    • However, changes may apply under the following circumstances:
      1. If the issuing company or affiliates of additional services face closing, bankruptcy, crisis management, natural disasters, unforeseen rapid change in financial environment or other events alike.
      2. If an affiliate company unilaterally notifies modifications to the service despite efforts by the bank (Except when similar service is available by another company).
      3. If it has been over three years since the card’s introduction and it proves unfeasible to continue to provide service.
    • If the credit card company makes any modification to its additional services, it must immediately notify the reason and modification details on its website and share it to its customers. Particularly, it has been over three years since its first issuing date and the reason for modification is due to its unfeasibility, the company must send notifications individually to its customers every month for 6 months prior to the modification.
    • *One of the following methods for individual notification: the credit card bill, mail, email, or mobile phone message. Information of those with more than two credit cards is shared by credit card companies through the Credit Finance Association and may affect the card holder’s credit rating.
    • In case of any dissents with banking, you can contact the IBK Industrial Bank’s Dispute Resolution department or the Financial Dispute Resolution Committee for dispute resolution. (Financial Supervisory Service: 1332; IBK Industrial Bank:080-800-0119)
    • IBK Industrial Bank does not accept bribes or favors. Please report any ethical management issues or breaches. (02-729-7490,

    • Credit card abuse is a threat to your household economy.
    • Interest on balance (16.5% ~ 24.0% APR) will be charged and may vary by normal rates and delinquency dates.
    • Please read the product description and its terms & conditions when applying for a card.