Vision & Strategy

IBK’s Vision

IBK’s vision is to become a financial leader of the future by setting the standard for financial markets in Asia and other emerging markets. Today, we are accomplishing this through the establishment of a successful and distinctive SME finance-oriented business model and by positioning ourselves as a global role model in developing a new future in finance. We aim to develop into one of the world’s top financial groups, supporting the dreams of clients and providing them with the very highest satisfaction, while also meeting the uncompromising expectations of shareholders, customers, employees, and society.

the Future of Finance
  • Customer Satisfaction

    Ensuring the highest customer
    satisfaction in addition to stable
    financial profits by offering
    new financial experiences that
    go beyond a customer’s basic needs

  • Thoughtful Financial Services

    Conveying our care and
    dedication to the public while
    serving as a stepping stone for
    the growth of SMEs

  • The Pride of Korea’s Financial Industry

    Establishing ourselves as
    a role model for financial
    markets in Korea and around the world

  • A Premium Workplace

    Improving employee satisfaction
    and pride as we pursue a new
    future for the organization