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2018 Board of Directors & Management

Title Name R&R
CEO Kim Do-jin CEO & Chairman
Deputy CEO Im Sang-hyun Deputy CEO & Senior Executive Vice President
Auditor Im Jong-sung
Outside Director Lee Yong-keun
Kim Jeong-hoon
Lee Seung-jae
Senior Executive Vice President
Cho Young-hyun Head of Corporate & Investment Banking Group
Kim Sung-tae Head of Management Strategy Group
Kang Nam-hee Head of Risk Management Group
Yang Chun-keun Head of Management Support Group
Bae Yong-deok Head of Retail Banking Group
Kim Chang-ho Head of Consumer Brand Group
Oh Hyuk-soo Head of Global Markets & Treasury Group
Choi Hyun-sook Head of Credit Management Group
Cho Choong-hyun Head of Chungcheong·Honam Group
Son Hyun-sang Head of Busan·Ulsan·Kyungnam Group
Suh Jung-hak Head of IT Group
Choi Seok-ho Head of Corporate Banking Group
Jeong Jae-sub Head of Credit Card Business Group
Head of Trust Business Group
Lee Sang-kuk Head of New Channel Group
Kim Ju-wuan Chief Compliance Officer