CEO Message

Seon-joo Kwon CEO Always putting our customers first and foremost,
IBK pioneers the future of finance in Asia and beyond.

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to our 16 million customers
for your unwavering support for IBK.

Since the establishment in 1961,
IBK has stayed committed to the customers
with the strong conviction that your success is our success.
Also, at every financial turmoil,
IBK has served as the financial safety net of Korea.

As always, IBK will remain as your reliable partner for success
for individuals and corporations alike,
focusing on nurturing your hope and happiness.
At the same time, IBK will embrace changes,
rise to challenges, and lead innovations.

I ask for your continued support and encouragement for IBK,
as we, the 13,000-strong employees and management of IBK,
make the history in finance.

Thank you.

Industrial Bank of Korea Chairman & CEOKim, Do-jin